The Book

RHYNOTZ: The Big Race and The Secret to Boost

Written, designed, and produced by Mr. Roger A. DeMano

Illustrated by Mr. Jacob Butts

Edition: Version One


In a secret world where racing is king, teenage rhinos get their first chance to design, build, and race on treacherous Monster Truck Mountain! Friends, Revin Kevin, Otto Gauge, and Deezul, face off against the terrible Toein twins, Castor and Camber. The mischief begins as the Toein twins deploy secret plans and schemes to assure they win the coveted "Koala Kanyon" grand prize! In a duel to the finish, our rat rod "Rhynotz" racers must overcome obstacles on and off the track, testing their abilities and character like never before.

"Rhynotz" captures the process of designing, building, and racing "rattastic", hot-rod vehicles on a variety of tracks and competitions. Our family friendly series emphasizes wholesome core values and positive character building; developing skills that promote self-mastery and pride in accomplishments. Fans of competitive motor sports and auto hobby enthusiasts will love the full color art, recognizing a variety of hand and power tools used frequently in the build up of racing vehicles! Devoted "gear heads" will appreciate all the hidden mechanical items and uniquely stylized characters!


What Parents Have to Say

"My son and I really enjoyed our Rhynotz book. He loved the characters and the use of all the "really cool tools". My son is only 4 so I was very glad that the photos were detailed enough to keep his attention and allow him to keep up, photo wise, with what I was reading. I really enjoyed the "lessons" that were worked into the storyline.  Its not often that I find books that teach things like good sportsmanship, kindness, teamwork and respect. It is a book we will definitely be reading again and again.
 I am looking forward to the new web world, it will be a relief to login and let him play without needing to worry about what he is being exposed to. Thank you!" ~Caley

"I am so excited about the Rhynotz characters and the values they stand for. Camber, Castor, Deezul, Kandi, Kevin, and Otto are characters that my kids just want to love! Can't wait for the next book in the Rhynotz World series! Thank you for delivering a children's masterpiece!" ~Leigh H.

"Whoa! Rhynotz 'The Big Race and the Secret to Boost' was an incredible, thought provoking storyline. I loved all the twists and turns and ultimately the message to always do what is right was an amazing message for the kids! I loved the characters and finding out about their secret land! Can't wait for the next book! Please hurry!" ~Bob T.