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Seeking Strategic Partnerships

Rhynotz is seeking brand representation, licensing, and strategic global partnerships for the character-building children's series. The multimedia Rhynotz series is family friendly entertainment targeted to children ages 6-12.

The series focuses on a pack of uniquely stylized, teenage rhinos who live to build and race the fastest rat-rod racing vehicles in a secret world known as "Koala Kanyon." Rhynotz combines fast-paced storylines, music, and imagery with character-building educational elements in each story.

Character education reaches more than 7 million youths per year through 5,000 schools nationwide. Thirty-six states currently have laws that specifically mandate and/or encourage character education programs. (source:

The Rhynotz stories place the characters in situations where they learn about acting with integrity, making positive and healthy lifestyle choices, and practicing problem-solving. The characters are fun, interesting, and relatable to kids who enjoy the stories and learn important lessons along the way.

One of the most popular sports in America for decades, auto racing saw a surge in popularity in the early 2000's that continues today. Since the late 1990's, the market appeal of motorsports and auto-hobby related entertainment and media has spawned dozens of television shows, dedicated networks, movies, books, magazines, social media pages and channels, and merchandise.

Examples of Auto-Hobby and Motorsports Entertainment

  • SPEED Channel
  • Lucas Oil Racing TV
  • Fuel
  • PRN
  • Velocity
  • Motorsport TV
  • and many other networks
Television Shows
  • American Chopper
  • All Girls Garage
  • Monster Jam
  • Vegas Rat Rods
  • Gas Monkey Garage
  • Trick My Truck
  • Top Gear
  • MTV's Pimp My Ride
  • and dozens more!
  • The Fast and the Furious series
  • Max Max series
  • Cars
  • Turbo
  • Gone in 60 Seconds
  • Rush
  • Speed Racer
Books & Print
  • Hot Rod Magazine
  • Popular Hot Rodding
  • Motor Trend
  • Car and Driver
  • Car Craft
  • Street Rodder
  • Rat Rod Magazine
  • and many, many more!

Motorsports fans and auto-mechanical hobby enthusiasts are people who love to share their knowledge of mechanics, racing, and all things auto-related. At car shows, races, or conventions it's common to hear "bench racing" or shop talk. "Gearheads," as we're often called, love passing down their knowledge to keep the love of racing alive in future generations.

Rhynotz spans the generational gap, providing the older generations a touchstone to the youths in their lives. And while motorsports has traditionally been a male-oriented field, a progressive women's movement is on the rise in all forms of racing as well as the auto-mechanical hobby. Current and former popular racers include NASCAR's Danica Patrick, IMSA's Christina Nielsen, IRL's Sarah Fisher and Pippa Mann, NHRA's Force sisters (Ashley, Brittany, and Courtney), Leah Pritchett, Erica Enders-Stevens, Alexis DeJoria, Shirley Muldowney, and many others. Rhynotz children's series is for boys and girls and features female characters such as "Kandi Karbi." 

Marketing and Promotion

Rhynotz Children's Multimedia Series promotes the fantastic sport of racing with family friendly entertainment that highlights positive values and character role models for kids. We offer opportunities to promote you and your product or venue through our multi-faceted entertainment brand and media outlets.

Rhynotz utilizes the process of designing, building, and racing a variety of vehicles to share character-building stories and showcase motorsports. Rhynotz involves readers in the complete process of conceptualizing, designing, and building the vehicles and then racing or showcasing them. Characters learn and use the proper tools for each job, showcasing specific, dedicated skills and then racing on a variety of tracks and competitions. 

Through our multimedia series, Rhynotz plans to continue building opportunities for cross promotion and venue affiliation with ...

  • Professional Racing Sanctioning bodies
  • Amateur Racing Leagues
  • Professional and Amateur Racing Venues
  • Auto, Racing, Hot Rod, and Hobby Shows
  • Automotive Trade Shows
  • Automotive Retailers

Examples of Cross Promotion and Venue Affiliation Opportunities for Your Brand and Rhynotz

Pro Racing Sanctioning Bodies
  • FIA Formula One - International open wheel racing
  • IRL Indy Car - Open wheel racing, United States
  • SCCA - Sports Car Club of America (road racing, rallying, autocross, in the U.S.A.)
  • NASCAR- American Stock Car Racing
  • NHRA - Professional drag racing and sportsman class racing, largest automotive sanctioning body in the world with race venues internationally
  • USHRA - Professional monster truck racing and fully sponsored entertainment exhibitions, additional shows internationally
  • IMSA- International Motor Sports Association
Trade Shows
  • Detroit Auto Show
  • New York Auto Show
  • Los Angeles Auto Show
  • SEMA Auto Show, Las Vegas
  • Atlanta International Auto Show
  • Philadelphia International Auto Show
  • Many other popular shows
Auto & Hobby Show Examples
  • Onsite auto/hobby shows
  • Custom car shows
  • World of Wheels - auto show (nationwide)
  • Street Rod Nationals (NSRA) varied sites and venues, nationwide
  • Car Craft Magazine Nationals, varied sites and venues, nationwide
  • Hot Rod Magazine Nationals, varied sites and venues, nationwide
  • Hot Rod Power Tour - a traveling annual car show of fans and their cars, trip and sites change annually
  • Nationally sponsored auto-related hobby shows
  • Annual local shows
  • Additionally, many auto shows and sanctioning bodies exist in international countries and continents such as Australia, Mexico, Japan, Europe, United Kingdom, Aruba, and many others around the world
  • Jegs - high performance warehouse
  • Summit Racing - aftermarket parts
  • O’Reilly Auto Parts
  • Advance Auto
  • AutoZone
  • and many, many more!

Where the Rhynotz Series is Headed

More RACING, more STORIES, more ACTION, more MEDIA, and more OPPORTUNITIES! 

Rhynotz book sample venue promotion pageWithin the current book, full-page promotional opportunities are available to racing-related organizations, venues, shows, and retailers!  

Rhynotz Multimedia Children's Series Offers Numerous Licensing Opportunities  

Merchandise and media currently available or in advanced concept stage: 

  • Book
  • Downloadable song
  • Sticker sheets
  • Athletic shoes
  • Backpacks
  • Binders
  • Lunchbags
  • Rhynotz Racing online web world

Example concepts for merchandise and entertainment media: 

  • Many additional books
  • Sing-along songs
  • MP3 downloads
  • Movies
  • Touring live shows
  • Television shows
  • Games (board games, computer, mobile app)
  • Videos
  • Social media (Facebook stickers, emojis, etc.)
  • Theme park concepts (similar to Wiggles World and venues within Disney World/Land and Universal Studio)

The series can be adapted into stories for more age groups! For example, a series for Toddlers (ages 3-5) will include stories and merchandising similar to what was done with Mickey and Minnie Mouse with the Disney Baby Characters. Another set for early adolescents (ages 13-14) brings in more advanced concepts and learning opportunities.


Author/creator Roger DeMano has developed several concept scripts to continue the Rhynotz fun!

  • Rat Rod, Drag-N-Road Course Race
  • Drag Pak Duels at the "Aussie Drag Way"
  • Trophy Truck Thrash-N-Crash
  • Monster Truck Mash Up
  • Short Track Bombs Away Race Feature
  • Design Build and Shine Contest Car Show
  • Rhynotz Kids Build Their New Water Fun Park with Parents and Elders
  • Monster Motor Burnout and Dirt Drift Race
  • and plug-ins ... sub-stories teaching kids about on-site specific tool usage, build, and race techniques!

Each story and its associated promotion will maintain an automotive / racing / mechanical theme with subplots consisting of, but not limited to ... 

  • Environmental safety
  • Personal safety
  • Importance of nutrition and exercise
  • Roles authority figures play in children’s lives, e.g., mom, dad, teachers, mentors, officers of the law, rescue workers (fire and safety personnel), etc.
  • Being good stewards of the physical environment
  • Importance of recycling and reuse, repurpose, reduce. Many stories take place in and around an abandoned military airfield and sanitary landfill.
  • “Greening” your environment, such as vehicles in stories propelled by the character’s own power via mechanical means (pedaling, for instance).
  • Animals in the stories are vegetarians, which also leads into any fuels used by internal combustion are propelled by fermented vegetable scraps/waste to make clean burning bio fuels, use of wind powered vehicles, and solar energies.
  • Liking, loving yourself and your uniqueness
  • Importance of rules and laws in a community structure
  • Importance of preventive medicine and its relation to health of the child
  • Neighborhood safety
  • Vehicle's seat belt safety/use of helmets, personal protective equipment, tool use and safety, utilizing the right tool for the job
  • Water safety
  • Children’s social issues, e.g., bullying, being a friend
  • Loving and caring for parents, siblings, and families
  • Dealing with differences amongst children and others; tolerance and acceptance

Statement of Trademark and Copyright

Rhynotz and its associated characters are registered, copyrighted, and trademarked officially with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). 

Rhynotz and its character names and web world are registered and secured through internet domains, including and The Rhynotz logo names, character names, and worldwide names are prepared for global license and strategic partnerships. The Rhynotz series author/creator/producer Mr. Roger A. DeMano is exclusive holder of all patent, trademark, and copyrights to the Rhynotz Children's Multimedia Series and its unique characters, images, content, music, merchandise, toy concepts, educational content, and all other items and materials related to the series. 

About the Author/Creator/PRODUCER

Mr. Roger A. DeMano is passionate about motorsports, auto restoration, and car-building. He also has more than 20 years of experience working with youth in a variety of roles, including coaching, direct patient care, residential therapy, counseling, mentoring, and corrections. In creating the Rhynotz children's multimedia series, he combined his love of racing with his desire to help children grow into healthy adults, mentally, physically, and spiritually. The Rhynotz characters and stories share important character-building lessons in a family friendly entertainment environment that also promotes racing, the sport and hobby that he loves. 

An honorably discharged, retired, service-connected, disabled U.S. Army Veteran, Mr. DeMano served on active duty during the first Gulf War era in combat support service, medical administration, and as an LPN. He also served as an LPN in the Indiana National Guard. He received his Bachelor of Science in Communications from Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri, with a double major in broadcasting and journalism and received an Associates of Science in Nursing/RN from Ivy Tech College in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Mr. DeMano lives in Central Indiana with his wife and two children, who also enjoy racing and building race cars.