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Hello! And welcome race fans of all kinds! RHYNOTZ is a brand new children’s series that will be available in a variety of media platforms, such as books, DVDs, sing-along CDs, MP3 downloads, TV animation, and a variety of merchandise and products currently in development.

Our series follows a group of young, walking, talking rhinos who are passionate about all forms of racing and creating racing vehicles. Their desire for speed and competition takes the reader riding along as our Rhynotz characters encounter unique experiences and challenges. On and off of the race track, the Rhynotz model behavior that teaches kids to make healthy choices, promoting positive character building.

Found and rescued by two human Australian rangers, Tonya and Tony, the Rhinos were relocated to a remote location known only as “Koala Kanyon.” Koala Kanyon is located by a fresh water source, “Crocodile Nile.” The accompanying hills and valleys offer dense vegetation and protection from the outside world and give the Rhynotz a place to establish a safe community.

Developed to be fun yet informative, the Rhynotz series for kids ages 6 to 12. Parents, especially you Gear Head dads, are encouraged to read along with their children. Each story promises to be entertaining while also focusing on character building, teaching kids how to work through real life issues. The adventures of the Rhynotz can help develop the fundamental core values that are important for every child!

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Rhynotz is a veteran owned small business.

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